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Construction in healthcare facilities presents unique challenges and requires additional considerations. Safety being the major component; safe work practices for employees, safe environment for facility staff, safety and well-being of the patients of the facility. Air quality, protective barriers and timely job completion are of high priority. That is why PCG specializes in the renovations of:

  • Exam Rooms
  • Doctor Offices
  • Clinics
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Common Area

PCG utilizes air scrubbers with HEPA filters to “clean” construction air and reduce the risk of releasing contaminates.Implementing “negative air” protocol keeps construction dust where it belongs, in the construction zone. Protective containment barriers are used to separate construction zones from occupied spaces. PCG believes in effective time management, productivity and consistent communication between suppliers and subcontractors to keep your project on schedule.


Construction in educational facilities is similar to other commercial type projects except for one primary difference; TIME! Challenges present themselves when construction is not to be seen or heard, have tight windows of opportunity and very specific requirements. PCG has performed numerous remodeling projects for:

  • Elementary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Universities

PCG believes in order to adhere to tight construction schedules, managing materials, deliveries and good communication is key. Our flexible schedules and dedicated employees is what allows us to make each project a success. We rely on years of experience to problem solve and address the unconventional facets of construction in educational facilities.

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